Wheat Rava (Ravva) Idly ~ Bulgar Wheat Idly

Wheat Rava Idly with Carrot Chutney

Low fat, steam cooked Idly is a famous breakfast option in most of the South Indian homes.  Protien rich urad dal mixed with High Carb Rice rava get along very well to make fluffy white Idlies.

In my home we have reduced white rice intake and replaced with Quinoa, Wheat rava and Whole grains. I dont want to miss the enjoyment of having hot idlies just because I cant have white rice, so what options do I have then to replace Idly rava? Then I thought Why don’t I make idly with whole grain. Good Idea, Interesting and Healthy !!!!!!. Immediately soaked Urad dal and wheat rava for next day’s Lunch. Ok good with Idly then what options do I have for Chutney to stick to a healthy menu???  Quickly thought about Carrot Chutney. So finally today’s lunch came out to be High fiber, Protien rich Wheat Idly with carrot chutney and salad. Yummy and healthy ….

Wheat rava idly

Wheat Rava Idly Served with Carrot Chutney and salad

Makes: 6 Idly Plates


  1. Wheat Rava / Bulgar Wheat – 3/4 Cup
  2. Urad dal – 1/4 Cup
  3. Salt – 1 tsp ( Adjust)


  • Wash and soak Urad dal and Wheat ravva for more than 3 hrs.
  • Remove water from Urad dal and ravva.
  • Grind Urad dal to smooth batter
  • Add Wheat rava to Urad dal batter above and pulse it for a minute.
  • Remove batter to a big container to give space for fermentation. Add salt and mix it with hand ( I heared that mixing with spoon slow the frementation process and adding salt fasten the process).
  • Place it in warm place for 8 to 10 hrs depending on the weather and where you live.
  • After 8 to 10 hrs, when you want to cook the Idly, grease Idly modls with oil and scoop batter into molds  up to 3/4’th full. 
  • Steam cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove Idlies from molds carefully and serve hot with chutney and sambar.


  • These Idlies are soft and smooth when compared to rice rava Idlies and may take just a bit longer than rice rava Idlies.
  • You can add Soda- bi- carbonate to make fluffy Idlies. I didn’t try using that this time.
  • I used mix of bulgar wheat and cracked wheat. You can use any of those.


4 Responses to Wheat Rava (Ravva) Idly ~ Bulgar Wheat Idly

  1. Yalamanchili says:

    These Idlies look very very soft and yummy. I cant wait to try these this week end.Very innovative.Please share some ideas like these. Do you have any healthy,tasty recipes with oats??????

  2. Yalamanchili says:

    Those were delicious as u mentioned.My family enjoyed them very well.
    Thank U !!!!

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