Saddula Bathukamma


Bathukamma is a festival celebrated by Hindu women in Telangana Region of Andhra Pradesh for 8 to 10 days starting from Pitru Amavasya until Durgashtami. The Duration of the festival varies  depending on the local tradition. At our village we celebrate the ritual for 9 days. Goddess “Parvathi” who is a lover of Flowers is worshipped by decorating flowers in a conical Structure. You can read more about Bathukamma here.

I have very fond memories of Bathukamma. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, but for every Dusshera holidays we go to our ancestral home in our village (about 50 miles from Hyderabad), where  we celebrate Bathukamma and Dusshera festivals. On the morning of Bathukamma day, the day before Dusshera ( Ashwayuja Shudda Dasami)  farm workers used to bring flowers like Gunugu,Thangedu, Gaddi poolu, Ganneru and Mandara from the farm lands . After the breakfast all women in the house sat together to make Bathukamma(s). We are  a big family, and all my aunts and my cousins used to gather around my grand mother in helping her make big and small Bathukamma. In the evening Bathukammas from every household are brought to a common gathering in the village. At the gathering, women from every household dance around them with synchronizing steps and claps in unison ,singing soul stirring Bathukamma folk songs.


Bathukamma Festival 2012 organized by Detroit Telangana Community

Although I miss the fun I used to have with my family during the festival, I am still fortunate enough to play Bathukamma arranged by Telugu communities in the USA.

For all 9 days different naivedyam is offered  to Bathukamma and they differ upon region and tradition.

1’st day— Yellow split moong dal with Jaggery~ Pesarapappu ,bellam

2’nd day —- Small Bajra Roti pieces with Jaggery ~ Sadda Rottelu, bellam

3’rd day—Rice flour, Milk and Jaggery dough steam cooked~ MulakkayaluBellam, Biyyam pindi,Paalu muddalu .

4’th day— Soaked Rice with Sesame seeds and jaggery~ Naana Biyyam, Nuvvulu, Bellam

5’th day— Rice Flour Dosa ~ Biyyapu atlu

6’th day— Don’t celebrate bathukamma—Ammavaru alugutharu

7’th day— Bajra flour dumpling steam cooked and deep fried ~ Vepakayalu– sadda pindi avirimeeda udikinchii  nunelo kalchadam

8’th day— Rice flour, Sugar and Milk Laddu ~ Vennamuddalu– biyyam pindi ,palu, chekkara

9’th day—5 varieties of Rice items ~ 5 Saddulu

I made 5 varieties of whole grain saddulu but not with white rice

Quinoa Pulihora, Oats daddojanam, Barley Pongali, Wheat Rava Sweet Pongali and Brown rice pulav

Saddula bathukamma prasadam

Top–Left to Right– Bulgar Wheat Sweet Pongal, Oats Daddojanam, Barley Pongal
Bottom–Left to Right—Quinoa Pulihora, Brown Rice Veggie Pulav



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