Goat fry

Goat Fry ~ Hyderabadi Gosht Fry

There has been a long delay from my last post as we were in the process of moving to our new home, so wanted to come back with a popular and famous dish, Goat fry. This is one of my family’s and friends favorite dish especially when made by my mother. So to keep the recipe in the original form with out adding any of my healthy alternatives :) I noted down all the ingredients while my mother was preparing and took the pictures from the same dish which was enjoyed by my whole family while they were here for House Warming. Enjoy this delicious and spicy Hyderabadi Ghost fry.

Pepper Chicken

Pepper Chicken Curry ~ Miriyala Chicken

I consider this Pepper Chicken Curry recipe as my family recipe since it is coming from last 3 generations as far as I know. My grandmother (ammamma) used to make this chicken dish as a special dish for her son-in-laws, using only fresh black pepper powder instead of red chilli powder or green chillies and which was their favorite dish. In 2’nd generation, my mother made it popular in her potlucks and kitty parties where my extended family enjoys. Now as my turn comes, I am happy to share  this recipe with you all. I made this dish for last Christmas get together and  all my cousins and family members loved it.

Sesame Rice ~ Nuvvula Pulagam

Sesame Rice ~ Nuvvula Pongali ~ Nuvvula pulgam

Sankranthi is a harvest festival celebrated by Hindus all over India with different names. Sankranthi festival dishes vary upon region but Sesame seeds and jaggery are the most commonly used ingredients in these dishes. In Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh most of the people celebrate just first 2 days which are Bhogi and Sankrathi. First day dishes contain Sesame rice and second day dishes contain meat. Ariselu ( jaggery, rice flour snack) and sesame-jaggery balls are other most commonly prepared snacks during this festival.

Beetroot Pulihora-001

Beetroot Pulihora ~ Beetroot Lime Rice

Pulihora (sour rice) made with either lime juice or tamarind juice is commonly made rice dish for festivals.For the first day of Sankranthi festival (Bhogi), I made Pulihora  with lime and beetroot which is huge hit in my home.

Oats Walnut Dates balls

Oats Walnut Date Balls ~ Oats Walnut Date Laddu

Festivals are all about enjoying savory snacks, sweets and  spending holidays with dear and close people.For this year Sankranthi my cousins came over to my place and we celebrated festival with healthy and authentic homemade food, a feel good movie, nostalgic memories of festival in our childhood  and had loads of fun. I made Beetroot pulihora and oats walnut date balls for Bhogi day ( the first day of 3 day celebrations).

Barley Adai with beetroot chutney

Barley Adai ~ Barley Dosa

Adai is a dosa made with mixed dals, rice and spices. I was introduced to this name very recently from my Tamil friends. From last couple of years, I used to make Dosa with Urad dal, Chana dal, Mung dal, Toor dal and Rice as it is more healthier than just doing it with Urad dal and Rice. After my friend mentioned this name Adai, I searched and found out that each recipe is different from one another and it doesn’t need fermentation. I usually mix all dals/lentils  (whatever dals, I have in my pantry) with rice (all in equal ratios) and spice with green chillies and ginger. It can be taken in breakfast but I prefer it as lunch or dinner.

Chocolate Orange Cake 2013

Chocolate Orange Cake – Vegan

Wish You A Very Happy New Year !!!

I love orange and lime flavor in cakes, muffins and pies. When I first saw this cake on fat freevegan, I instantly liked the idea of chocolate and orange. I bookmarked this recipe and decided to do it for new year eve. To make it fat free Susan used soy yogurt instead of oil; non vegans can use low fat dairy yogurt  instead of oil; I used oil this time. This cake is not very sweet but by using icing it had enough sweet and its not light and fluffy but is dense since it uses whole wheat flour.

Dryfruit Nut Laddu

Dryfruit Nut Laddu ~ Dryfruit Nut Balls

I want to windup 2012 with this healthy treat and another reason to celebrate is, today my sister is blessed with a baby boy, so I am dedicating this healthy recovering snack to my lovely sister whom I miss being with during this beautiful phase of her life.

Coconut Burfi

Milk Coconut Burfi ~ Kobbari Pala Kova

Coconut is offered to GOD in Hindu rituals. Whenever we have pooja ceremony at home we are left with  ample coconuts, and my mother used to make this sweet with fresh grated coconut, milk and sugar. Coconut mixed with milk and sugar cooks until it forms a lump, which gives coconut-kova taste and soft chewy texture. I used to take this sweet to college and my friends empty and enjoy them in no time. If you are a coconut fan, you will love this burfi.

Persimmon Pudding

Raw Persimmon Pudding – Vegan

When I first came to US, one of my friends introduced me to this fiber rich persimmon and I liked them very much. From then on I never miss enjoying them in every fall season. I bought persimmons from Costco last week to have it like regular fruit. When I opened to check them, they were mushy and very ripe, but I like them firm and ripe. So I searched for very ripe persimmon recipes from which I got this simple, raw, vegan dessert recipe. Most of the raw persimmon pudding recipes included ripe banana, which I didn’t use here.