Oats Walnut Date Balls ~ Oats Walnut Date Laddu

Oats Walnut Dates balls

Festivals are all about enjoying savory snacks, sweets and  spending holidays with dear and close people.For this year Sankranthi my cousins came over to my place and we celebrated festival with healthy and authentic homemade food, a feel good movie, nostalgic memories of festival in our childhood  and had loads of fun. I made Beetroot pulihora and oats walnut date balls for Bhogi day ( the first day of 3 day celebrations).

This is the simplest, healthiest and quickest dessert with minimum ingredients  :) I am happy that, I have another dessert recipe which does not contain sugar and ghee/butter. Enjoy this healthy snack


  1. Oats – 1 Cup
  2. Walnuts – 1 Cup ( Can substitute with almonds)
  3. Medjol Dates – 1 Cup ( 12 dates)


  • Dry roast oats and walnuts separately and coarsely grind them, Make sure to not burn them, Oats need very less time (around 1 minute) to roast.
  • Chop dates and coarsely grind dates.
  • Mix dates mixture, oats – walnuts mixture and make round balls.

Oats Walnut Dates Balls

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2 Responses to Oats Walnut Date Balls ~ Oats Walnut Date Laddu

  1. Sumee says:

    So easy and looks delicious!

  2. Bhamathy says:

    Perfect balls. A healthy treat!!

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