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Zucchini Soup-vegan

Zucchini Soup

A bowl of hot and steaming soup in this cold winter is refreshing and stomach filling. Getting your daily vegetable intake through soup is easy and nutritional.  Soups made with vegetables are low in calories and do not have saturated fat and cholesterol. This Zucchini soup is creamy and little sweet even without adding cream or dairy and any thickening ingredients like cashews or Potato or corn starch. My family enjoyed it and If you are a soup lover, give it a try. Main ingredients are zucchini, broth, onion and garlic. Add your own flavors and have fun. Serve this warm in winter and enjoy it chilled in summer.

Egg drop Soup with Vegetables

Egg Drop Soup with Vegetables

Egg drop soup is traditionally a Chinese soup but has been modified by different regions of people to suit their taste. Soup is prepared by dropping the beaten egg into boiling broth and hence the name egg drop. Main ingredients for this soup are Chicken broth, eggs, spring onions, salt and pepper. In my version I used egg whites instead of whole eggs and added more vegetables like carrot, peas and corn for making it more healthier.

"Challa Charu"

Challa Charu ~ Spicy Buttermilk

Challa charu or Majjiga pulusu is an authentic South Indian recipe of  spiced thick buttermilk or Kadhi(In Hindi). Flavors or spices varies upon  region. We can use vegetables such as Snake guard, Spinach, Onion or  bottle guard as an ingredient with this Recipe.  In this post I am going to describe just the mustard and garlic flavored recipe which is most popular where I grew up.

Paaya Soup

Paaya Soup ~ Mutton Bone Soup

Paaya is an Urdu word for goat trotters. This soup strengthens joints especially the spine, I am telling this based on personal experience in my family where my Mom used to make this soup everyday to my grand mother when she was recovering from bone and joint issues. My mother also prepared this for my post delivery recovery. Mutton bones produce more than enough oil for preparing this dish so we do not need to add any more oil. You don’t need to make this soup with trotters , You can use regular bones and few mutton pieces if you want.