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Jowar Laddu-001

Jowar Laddu ~ Jonna Laddu

I did Shiridi Sai  baba parayanam last Thursday and made these laddus as prasadam .One last item left over in my pantry cleaning job is Jowar Flour, looking at it I thought how about trying Laddu with it like the way we do with rava/sooji.  I followed the same process as rava laddu by binding roasted flour and sugar with milk, they tasted great and the process is very simple.

Barley Chakkara pongali

Barley Sweet Pongal ~ Barley Chakkara Pongali

Before Diwali I was checking my pantry for grains and lentils which need to be finished before I take a long vacation to India. Barley, which I bought last year from Amazon caught my eye. I posted few recipes with this grain earlier like pesarattu, stew, adai and katte pongali. Recently I had rice chakkara pongali  at my cousins place and thought of substituting rice with a whole grain. So for Diwali naivedyam I made chakkara pongali with Barley. My guests for Diwali said it was little different in texture, but tasty and of course healthy and guilt free. You can substitute barley with any wholegrain like brown rice , quinoa, cracked wheat or oats. I will post more recipes with this wholesome grain barley.

Brown Rice Payasam as naivedyam

Brown Rice Pudding ~ Brown Rice Payasam

Payasam made with rice and jaggery is very common in India.  After making whole grain prasadam for saddula bathukamma, I was still in a mood to do whole grain payasam on Dasara. So I wanted to make this quick and simple recipe. One of my aunt’s follows similar recipe with white rice, milk and sugar which is called pala padiyam (milk kheer) accompanied with makka garelu (corn vada). I got this idea from my aunt recipe.

In this recipe, I used brown rice instead of refined white rice, which is coarsely grinded and cooked in milk and combined with jaggery syrup.

Bulgar wheat Sweet Pongal top view

Bulgar Wheat Sweet Pongal ~ Goduma Rava Chakkara Pongali

When I considered Bulgar wheat as one of the options in 5 whole grains prasadam for Saddula Bathukamma, I immediately thought of doing sweet dish with it. But rather than making it regular Kesari with wheat rava, I wanted to use mung dal in this recipe similar to rice sweet pongal recipe. I was not sure about the outcome but when I tasted it, I decided to make this sweet pongal instead of rava kesari from now on. Adding Mung dal gave different flavor and taste and it was so Yummmm!!! It is FAT FREE as no ghee or oil are added in this recipe.

Vermicelli Prasadam

Vermicelli Kheer

Welcome to my blog. In my blog you will be seeing some authentic Indian recipes which I learnt from my grand mother and my mother and also show some variations in Indian recipes with healthy and natural ingredients which helps in weight and health management.
As a first post I want to publish an authentic naivedyam recipe for Vermicelli Kheer/ ‘Semiya Payasam’ with Jaggery which my ammamma used to make it way back home. I am not an expert in photography and writing so please excuse the quality of image and writing skills until I improve it as the blog progresses.