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Goat fry

Goat Fry ~ Hyderabadi Gosht Fry

There has been a long delay from my last post as we were in the process of moving to our new home, so wanted to come back with a popular and famous dish, Goat fry. This is one of my family’s and friends favorite dish especially when made by my mother. So to keep the recipe in the original form with out adding any of my healthy alternatives :) I noted down all the ingredients while my mother was preparing and took the pictures from the same dish which was enjoyed by my whole family while they were here for House Warming. Enjoy this delicious and spicy Hyderabadi Ghost fry.

Pepper Chicken

Pepper Chicken Curry ~ Miriyala Chicken

I consider this Pepper Chicken Curry recipe as my family recipe since it is coming from last 3 generations as far as I know. My grandmother (ammamma) used to make this chicken dish as a special dish for her son-in-laws, using only fresh black pepper powder instead of red chilli powder or green chillies and which was their favorite dish. In 2’nd generation, my mother made it popular in her potlucks and kitty parties where my extended family enjoys. Now as my turn comes, I am happy to share  this recipe with you all. I made this dish for last Christmas get together and  all my cousins and family members loved it.

Chicken Shorba

Chicken Shorva

Shorva is gravy made out of chicken or mutton curry and normally has a medium consistency.I always believe in that for any Indian dishes, usage of fresh ingredients, cooking at the right temperatures with perfect timing is the essence for getting a great taste. This is the trick or lesson I learnt by observing when my mother or mother in law is cooking. If you are in a hurry for faster cooking, I am sure that you would lose the taste.  Adopt a slower cooking in making of this Shorva. Please ensure that you make this with whole chicken rather than using boneless chicken. Bones release juices which makes the Shorva all the tastier.