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Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi is the first day of telugu new year. On this festival we prepare different food items like pachadi, bakshalu and pulihora. One thing which is done only on this day in every house is Ugadi Pachadi, which consists of shadruchulu – 6 tastes  Sweet ( Jaggery/ banana/ grapes/ sugar cane juice), Sour ( Tamarind), Bitter ( Neem petal), Tart  ( Mango/Jeera) , Hot ( Chillies/Black  pepper), Salty (Salt). These different tastes signifies different facets of our life in the year ahead and in a way prepares us to face all of the challenges equally. Ugadi is also supposed to be starting of Spring.


Saddula Bathukamma

Bathukamma is a festival celebrated by Hindu women in Telangana Region of Andhra Pradesh for 8 to 10 days starting from Pitru Amavasya until Durgashtami. The Duration of the festival varies  depending on the local tradition. At our village we celebrate the ritual for 9 days. Goddess “Parvathi” who is a lover of Flowers is worshipped by decorating flowers in a conical Structure. You can read more about Bathukamma here.