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roasted red pepper chutney-001

Roasted Red Pepper Chutney

I bought a pack of red peppers from Costco for preparing salad. But later, I was not in a mood for salad, so changed my plan for preparing a dish with roasted peppers. To keep them handy, I roasted  peppers and refrigerated them for couple of days. I was doing Ragi Oats Idli for lunch and instead of making traditional chutney, I wanted to use these roasted peppers, which were handy. Since I used roasted peppers, there was no obvious flavor or smell of peppers.

Beetroot chutney

Beetroot chutney with Sesame seeds

Beetroot is a cardiovascular friendly vegetable with rich antioxidants and Vitamin C. Adding iron rich sesame seeds  and other spices with this highly nutritious vegetable gives you a sweet, tangy chutney. My moms recipe for preparing chutney’s is to add more sesame seeds and very less amount of peanuts. Instead of peanuts I added walnuts. The taste is equally good and this chutney is a good combination with rice or pesarattu. Today I made it with Mixed lentils/ whole dal dosa. My little one enjoyed it saying red chutney. Hope you will enjoy this recipe.

Carrot Chutney served with idly

Carrot Chutney

Peanut and coconut chutnies are common to accompany Idly or Dosa. My husband and my daughter love peanut chutney but when thinking about fat in nuts and the lack of vegetable ingredients in breakfast made me think of a vegetable chutney when ever I make Idlies or Dosas. So the protein rich Idly or protein rich Dosa can now be accompanied with this carrot chutney made with vegetable and nuts providing your family necessary vegetable and unsaturated fat servings for breakfast.

Below is a simple process to prepare Carrot chutney with minimum ingredients.

Update: I replaced peanuts with walnuts, tastes good.

Gongura Pachadi

Gongura Pachadi

Gongura pachadi is a most popular authentic Andhra recipe made with Gongura/Sorrel leaves and red chillies. We can make many differenct dishes with gongura leaves such as gongura pappu(lentils with gongura leaves), gongura mutton, gongura shrimp and the list goes on….