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Whole wheat Banana walnut cake

Whole wheat banana walnut cake

Whole wheat Banana walnut cake is something I prepare when ever I have ripe bananas at home and this happens quite often :). I share this cake with my friends and they call it as Swathi’s cake, Thanks for the compliments . Idea of this recipe came from Indira’s carrot cake and I made few changes to original  recipe by adding eggs and replacing half of all purpose flour with whole wheat flour.

Chocolate Orange Cake 2013

Chocolate Orange Cake – Vegan

Wish You A Very Happy New Year !!!

I love orange and lime flavor in cakes, muffins and pies. When I first saw this cake on fat freevegan, I instantly liked the idea of chocolate and orange. I bookmarked this recipe and decided to do it for new year eve. To make it fat free Susan used soy yogurt instead of oil; non vegans can use low fat dairy yogurt  instead of oil; I used oil this time. This cake is not very sweet but by using icing it had enough sweet and its not light and fluffy but is dense since it uses whole wheat flour.

vegan whole wheat dates walnut cake slice

Vegan Whole Wheat Walnut Dates Cake – Sugarless

I have a strong craving for sweets and I often control myself by keeping sugar free for couple of months. This time, I wanted to follow sugar free vegan diet but the craving for sweet could not be controlled and came up with this vegan whole wheat walnut dates cake. I know dates and honey are not sugar free but at least they contain natural sugars and some minor minerals. By now you know my love for whole grains over refined flours or rice, so I tried this recipe with whole wheat flour rather than all purpose flour and it came out very good. 

Pound Cake

Old Fashioned Pound Cake

Traditionally pound cake is made with pound of flour, sugar, butter and eggs and that is why it is called Pound cake. Simple logic in preparing pound cake is to maintain the ratios of ingredients. All ingredients should be measured by weight and not by volume. You can change the quantity according to your requirements but remember to maintain the ratio 1:1:1:1.