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I am Swathi, a girl next door whose world revolves around her husband, her first love and her beautiful 2.5 yrs old daughter.To tell you my story, I am a food fanatic, have a fetish for desserts and non-vegetarian food. After getting married and moving to Detroit, USA, I missed all the yummy food made by my mom and was left with no other option, but to learn. I started trying out my mom’s and grand mom’s authentic Hyderabadi recipes and slowly experimented them with my personal touch. In this process I learned that cooking is an art and a science which can only be learned out of passion and genuine interest.

Like many, I gained lot of weight during post pregnancy and  which was a lot of concern to me. I was determined to get back to my normal shape.

The first thing that came to my mind besides good exercise is natural, healthy  balanced diet.  As a good home maker,it did not take me time to realize that I should also take care and provide my family with healthy, colorful and delicious meals. Nutritious food need not always be about eating salads, raw veggies and pitying oneself about eating such food. It is only when all my friends and especially my 2 yr old appreciated my new recipes, I thought its worth sharing those recipes. There might be people like me who need just a push to start eating healthy and consciously. With very little variations from our regular food habits, we could definitely achieve  a lot.

So, welcome to my blog, showing you the path  to authentic Andhra recipes with healthy variations which I am also  trying, to lose and maintain weight.

Finally, as I am a beginner in this blogging world, I hope to improve my photography and documenting skills gradually, so please bear with me.

Eat Healthy, Stay Fit, Live Happy!!!!


24 Responses to About me

  1. Hitachandra says:

    Awesome website Swathi, content is really nice, keep posting more interesting stuff.

  2. Madhuri says:

    Love it Swathi…… Really nice and interesting!!!

  3. Swetha says:

    You are awesome Swathi…yes you are a girl next door but with a lot of determination and passion..I like the site content and the photography is very nice..a snap with the pound cake is my favourite and the moong dal with broccoli is something new to me …Congratulations!!! and happy going…

  4. Venkata says:

    Simply Suberb website !!!! Pictures are perfect ..food looks great and yummy ..can’t wait to see more …

  5. Priyanka says:

    Good work swathi…….pictures are perfect …..egg drop soup is mouth watering…….congratulations!!!!

  6. Madhu says:

    Good goin Swathi….:) Good Luck! Best way to make people happy is through ur food…:))

  7. Madhu says:

    Amazing….Congrats..keep up this site up to date..

  8. Avanthi says:

    Congrats&Awesome blog Swathi dear…:)just love all your work here, it shows your passion,interest and hard work.Thank u for the Healthy recipes it reminds me all the yummy food at home in India. All the very best for future recipes…:)

  9. Neelima says:

    I cannot keep up with your speed!!! There are so many recipes in your blog I want to try now. You are inspiring so many of us to take healthy route.

  10. Aparichithudu says:

    Awesome blogggg and you are an amazing cook!!!! was lucky enough to taste your food and it was simply superb 😀

  11. swathi says:

    rombaaa santhoshamm… thank you!

  12. sushanth sayneni says:

    Awesome Stuff Swathi. Shilpa Chudamandi. This is amazing stuff.

  13. please post REAL goat fry :)

  14. Ram Oruganti says:

    I Just can say one thing Swathi…. Awwwwwwwwweeeeeeeesssssomeeeeeeeeeeee.. Keep going…

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