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Whole wheat Banana walnut cake

Whole wheat banana walnut cake

Whole wheat Banana walnut cake is something I prepare when ever I have ripe bananas at home and this happens quite often :). I share this cake with my friends and they call it as Swathi’s cake, Thanks for the compliments . Idea of this recipe came from Indira’s carrot cake and I made few changes to original  recipe by adding eggs and replacing half of all purpose flour with whole wheat flour.

Goat fry

Goat Fry ~ Hyderabadi Gosht Fry

There has been a long delay from my last post as we were in the process of moving to our new home, so wanted to come back with a popular and famous dish, Goat fry. This is one of my family’s and friends favorite dish especially when made by my mother. So to keep the recipe in the original form with out adding any of my healthy alternatives :) I noted down all the ingredients while my mother was preparing and took the pictures from the same dish which was enjoyed by my whole family while they were here for House Warming. Enjoy this delicious and spicy Hyderabadi Ghost fry.