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"Challa Charu"

Challa Charu ~ Spicy Buttermilk

Challa charu or Majjiga pulusu is an authentic South Indian recipe of  spiced thick buttermilk or Kadhi(In Hindi). Flavors or spices varies upon  region. We can use vegetables such as Snake guard, Spinach, Onion or  bottle guard as an ingredient with this Recipe.  In this post I am going to describe just the mustard and garlic flavored recipe which is most popular where I grew up.

Mixed flour roti

Multi Grain Roti ~ Multi Grain Flat Bread

Pulka ( whole wheat tortillas with out oil) is everyday meal in my home and that is why I wanted to make them more nutritious by adding different flours. You don’t need to add exact measurement or type of flour mentioned below. Be creative to add any flour you have in your pantry. But adding wheat flour makes life easy in rolling Roti if you don’t have much skill in making Jowar or Bajra or Ragi Roti alone

Paaya Soup

Paaya Soup ~ Mutton Bone Soup

Paaya is an Urdu word for goat trotters. This soup strengthens joints especially the spine, I am telling this based on personal experience in my family where my Mom used to make this soup everyday to my grand mother when she was recovering from bone and joint issues. My mother also prepared this for my post delivery recovery. Mutton bones produce more than enough oil for preparing this dish so we do not need to add any more oil. You don’t need to make this soup with trotters , You can use regular bones and few mutton pieces if you want.

Broccoli MungDal Stir Fry

Broccoli Split Moong dal Stri fry

Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C, dietary fiber and split moong beans are rich in dietary fiber with no cholesterol.When both nutritious ingredients are combined with Indian spices, the result is a delicious healthy food.

Pound Cake

Old Fashioned Pound Cake

Traditionally pound cake is made with pound of flour, sugar, butter and eggs and that is why it is called Pound cake. Simple logic in preparing pound cake is to maintain the ratios of ingredients. All ingredients should be measured by weight and not by volume. You can change the quantity according to your requirements but remember to maintain the ratio 1:1:1:1.

Gram Flour Savoury Pancake

Gram flour Pancake – Egg less

I like to keep track of  carbs, protein and vegetable servings in  every family meal, besides making it colorful and interesting for my 2-year-old. When those servings comes up with these savory pancakes which every family member enjoys I tap myself as a good homemaker.

We can call this pancake as vegetable omelette as well, since we are using gram flour and soy flour which are rich in protein and are mixed with vegetables. The choice of vegetables can vary as per your taste. We can add cabbage/carrot/french beans/mushroom/spring onion as per your liking which I have not used this time.